Hi, I am Lina Vyšniauskaitė also Disciplina - freelance illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

What I love most is to visually interpret words and symbols. I am fond of portraying human in various situations and surroundings and also personifying objects to behold human characteristics as I find it to be similar to the way I see the world. With my work I want to arouse a sense, a feeling or some kind of longing.

Tho I am interested in diverse kind of illustration projects, my experience revolves around events and movie posters, music album covers, editorial and social media illustration, branding, packaging, clothing patterns, ads, prints. 

Bio: after creative industries studies I have hopped into advertising and hopped out of it several years ago - after more than 5 years working at the New! Creative Agency as illustrator. Thanks to talented colleagues and interesting clients I have learned a lot about visuality and communication there. I started working as a freelancer dating 2019. 

Selected Clients:

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Vytautas Magnus University (VDU), Pastatai kalba (Open Architecture event), Audimas, Soulz, Linen Tales, Meno Avilys.



Photo by Laura Jaraminaitė