Pastatai kalba (Buildings speak) is an open architecture weekend held in small Lithuania cities. The purpose of the event is to create an opportunity for everyone to take an interest in architecture and to learn more about it. Together with Lina Marcinonytė we are creating identity for the event 4th time in a row. Illustrations for Pastatai kalba Šiauliai won silver at ADC*LT Awards.
2023 was the year dedicated to the resort city Druskininkai which has saved the forest inside the city. The identity of event aims to blur the boundary between the forest and the city - when you walk along a road, pass a deer, find a mushroom, you also find a building. The architecture of Druskininkai becomes a find in the forest - it merges with nature, intertwines with mosses and ferns, and exists in unity with the landscape.
The identity of the event held in Panevėžys personalises the buildings through human narrative (2020).
The identity of the event held in Palanga resonates with the nature and architecture symbiosis (2021).
Šiauliai illustrations invites you to be guided to explore buildings and their stories from yet
Art direction & design: Lina Marcinonytė
Illustration: Lina Vyšniauskaitė
Animation: Dalia Kemeklyte (Pastatai kalba: Panevėžys), Emilė (Pastatai kalba: Palanga), Edvinas (Pastatai kalba: Šiauliai, Druskininkai)