Woke Up Wet is a collection of illustrated weird erotic dreams donated by real people from around the world.
It's a pleasurable collaboration between 2 creatives based in Vilnius, Lithuania:
Aistė – creative director and me – illustrator.
How has it all started?
During the first wave of the pandemic single people' sex life dropped to the level of zero. We have wondered how did their subconscious deal with that? Our guess was that repressed sexual fantasies could break out in the form of strange erotic dreams. So we started asking people and found out that we were right.
We started to collect these dreams and allow ourselves to re-imagine it, giving it a visual form.
During a period of 6 months, we collected several dozens of donated dreams.
Our project won gold in Visual Arts category in The Side Show Awards.
Instagram gallery @wokeupwet - send your weird erotic dream there.